Conservation Photography

Conservation photography is ethical photography with a call to action.


International League of Conservation Photographers

Perhaps the best place to learn about conservation photography is the International League of Conservation Photographers.

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Other Conservation Photographers in Florida

Here are three of Florida's best conservation photographers.

Screenshot from , 2017/6/12

Screenshot from, 2017/6/12

Carlton Ward Jr

Carlton wrote his Master's thesis on conservation photography, which is available as a pdf for free on his site. He has produced a fantastic book about Florida cattle ranches and was a member of both Florida Wildlife Corridor Expeditions, which brought attention to the need for inter-connectivity between wild landscapes. 

View Carlton's talk on the FL Wildlife Corridor

Screenshot from , 2017/6/12

Screenshot from, 2017/6/12

Mac Stone

A conservation photographer from Gainseville, and iLCP fellow, Mac Stone's work is changing the way people think about "swamplands." Mac's TED talk is a great example of how to put photography to work for conservation. 

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Screenshot from , 2017/6/12

Screenshot from, 2017/6/12

Clyde Butcher

A Florida legend for his large format landscape photos, Clyde uses his work to promote and teach about Florida's wild places.

View Clyde's TED talk